• 20,000 SQM
  • 2013

With one step into this office, you can tell no doubt that you are in the China headquarters of the world’s largest chocolate-makers, MARS. The design of the office is inspired by the core elements of their four biggest-selling brands: Dove, M&Ms, Snickers and Crispy. The main reception as well as the central stairwell is inspired by Dove’s velvety, smooth flowing brown silk. Discussion areas are made playful and fun with interesting themes inspired by their brands: the M&M meeting room has M&M-shaped lights as well as its mascots peeping from the walls, the Snickers breakout area is formed like a BMX ramp and colored in the brands signature red, blue and white.

Despite the scale of the space, there are no staff offices. In line with Mars culture, everyone uses the same 120-degree workstation and benefits from the sunlight from the windows. Of course, who needs an office when there is a more than generous amount of meeting rooms and spaces.